100 Places in Kolding, Denmark

”100 Places to Remember Before They Disappear” – an exhibition divided in two, shown at two different places in Kolding: Design City Kolding south of the bay and at the art museum Trapholt, north of the bay.

At Design City you can experience the 50 pictures by taking the newly made paths along Kolding Å – thus combining two excellent experiences of both nature and culture. The trip is 1.5 kilometres long.

Design City Kolding is an ambitious urban development plan where an entirely new district of 90.000 m2 floor space are being developed, built and rented out during future years.

The philosophy behind the project is based on sustainability, new ways of cooperation and innovation
through design.

At Trapholt the 50 pictures are placed in the museum park area. The great tales of the exhibition concerning global changes, can very easily be transformed into consideration of how well we are doing as regards our appreciation and protection of Kolding – our own local community? This is why we have included local children
and citizens and invited them to participate with photos from Kolding, Christiansfeld, Vamdrup or Lunderskov, showing their own particular place to remember.

The exhibition was made possible thanks to: Kolding Kommune, Design City Kolding and Trapholt Museum!

Trapholt, Æblehaven 23 and Design City Kolding, Kolding Åpark 2.

bning af 100 Steder ved Design City Kolding

bning af 100 Steder pŒ Trapholt i Kolding

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