Life Exhibitions (managed by Stine Trier Norden and Søren Rud) specialises in exhibitions and events with the ambition to make people more aware of our planet and the world we live in today.

The main emphasis of the exhibitions and events is on projects from companies and organisations, communicating environmental issues, sustainable development and climate change in a way that is positive and inspiring.

Based on these principles, Life Exhibitions has been communicating through events and exhibitions across Europe, has published and sold books around the globe, and produced educational material, websites and TV documentaries to support the messages.

The project first saw the light of day when the pair brought Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s world famous photo exhibition, Earth from Above, to Denmark in 2001. Since Earth from Above, Life Exhibitions has organised the exhibitions, Horses, also by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Spirit of the Wild by the unique nature photographer Steve Bloom and Wild Wonders of Europe. The exhibitions have been mounted 28 times in cities all over Europe.

Our vision is to bring world-class photography to people of all ages and nationalities. We want to give the public the opportunity to view the fantastic photographs again and again, at different times of the day and night and under different lighting conditions.

The multichannel platform project “100 Places to Remember Before They Disappear” from 2009 was the brainchild of Stine Norden and Søren Rud. The same is Copenhagen Green in 2014 as well as Danmark Dejligst (Denmark Naturally) in 2011.

Søren Rud and Stine Norden received the CARE Denmark Price, 2010.