Wild Wonders of Europe, Opening at Nytorv – Copenhagen 1 June 2011

Wild Wonders of Europe

Opening at Nytorv, Copenhagen 1 June 2011

Wedensday 1 June the photo exhibition Wild Wonders of Europe opens at Nytorv in central Copenhagen, Denmark. The grand, outdoor and free-of-charg exhibition will be open 24 hours a day until 29 July.

A celebration of European wildlife

Wild Wonders of Europe is a unique pan-European photo and wildlife project, being in its making for 5 years. It is a celebration of our common European wildlife.It exhibits 100 large scale  photos from 48 different European countries revealing stunning natural treasures of our continent. Animals and ladscapes, many of which most of us wouldn’t know existed.

The photos are taken by 69 of Europe’d best wildlife photographers.

With an enormous emotional power it has pictures from Svalbard in the North to the Canary Islands in the South. From the Azores in the West to Russian Caucasus in the East.

It is an eye-opener to natural phenomenons every one of us has the possibility to go out and experience. And it is a reminder of the natural wonders we are at risk of loosing, if they are not protected in due time.

A celebration of nature-conservation

Wild Wonders of Europe is a manifestation of how European wildlife is coming back. Thanks to national and international nature-conservation initiatives biodiversity is in progress. In places, where an effort is made, it works. But still, there is a long way to go.

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