Stockholm – Wild Wonders of Europe

Stockholm, Sweden – On Tuesday June 25th, the landmark outdoor photo exhibition “Wild Wonders of Europe” opened at Raoul Wallenbergs Torg in central Stockholm, Sweden.

Directed by Magnus Lundgren, Florian Möllers, Staffan Widstrand and Bridget Wijnberg, the pan-European flagship exhibition was inaugurated by Member of the European Parliament, Isabella Lövin, Stina Götbrink, Head of Charity, Swedish Postcode Lottery and Frans Schepers, Managing Director, Rewilding Europe together with a host of distinguished speakers.

Dignitaries and leaders from the diplomatic, corporate, academic and conservation world, attended Tuesday’s open-air event staged alongside the life-size images showcasing Europe’s amazing natural heritage in all it’s glory. Amongst them 12 Ambassadors from the USA, India, Sudan, Croatia, Nigeria, El Salvador, Albania, South Africa, Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Ethiopia.

Last day of the exhibition: September 29 – 2013.

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