Pop-up: Around the world in the Botanical Garden

Opening of a new pop-up exhibition about the Botanical Garden
Greek clippings, carnivorous plants from tropical rainforest, Copenhagen’s oldest inhabitants from the world’s driest regions … The Botanical Garden is located in inner Copenhagen, but it houses the whole world.

A new pop-up exhibition shown at Nørreport Station at Gothersgade – opposite the entrance to the garden – in text and photo, shows what awaits of experiences right behind the gate into the marvelous realm of the plants. Even in the cold months when the trees lose the leaves, you can explore the garden.

The Botanical Garden is part of the National Museum of Natural History. The garden’s plants are unique living collections, which show some of the world’s finest collections of orchids and the largest collection of plants from the Galapagos Islands. In total, the garden has more than 10,000 species, and is important for research and conservation.

At the exhibition you can read about the rock star of the sea: Amorphophallus titanum, about carnivorous plants, euphoric cactus, the oldest inhabitants of Copenhagen: Moroccopus, medicinal plants from the dinosaurs, tropical orchids and the marvelous ability of mountain plants to adapt to a harsh climate.

The garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, but in fact it is the fourth botanical garden in Copenhagen. It currently has one million guests a year.

The exhibition is shown as part of “NaTure in the City”, a project that, through communication and networks, wants to make it easier for citizens to appreciate, contribute, and not least, to visit the unique nature of our capital. “NaTure in City” is supported by the Nordea-fonden, which supports projects that promote good life in health, exercise, nature and culture.

Time and place

The exhibition can be visited from October 13 until November 5. Speeches will be held by Ole Seberg, Professor and Scientific Director of the University of Copenhagen and Frans Richard Bach, Project Manager at Nordea-fonden.

Come visit the exhibition during the Culture Night, where we will be present and tell about NaTur in the City. The exhibition is situated at Nørreport Station inbetween Gothersgade and Nørre Voldgade. It is free and is aimed at people of all ages.

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