Creating the future now
– an exhibition about the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Dates for the exhibition at Nørrebor 1 September 1st – October 2nd 2022

The Sønderborg exhibition was inaugurated by Mary, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess of Denmark, Erik Lauritzen, Mayor of Sønderborg
Tom Hartvig Nielsen, Chairman of the Committee for Sustainability and Rural Areas
Henrik Fredborg Larsen, Director, UNDP Nordic Office
Torleif Johannesen, Secretary General, United Nations Associations.

In keeping with the spirit of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, 2030 NOW is the result of the efforts of a great many groups and
individuals. Some have provided invaluable financial support, others have inspired us, shared their wisdom and networks or taken
on specific tasks.
We are extremely grateful to them all.

CISU, Augustinusfonden, NRGi Værdipulje, Grundfos/Poul Due Jensens fond,
Hermod Lannungs Fond, Fabrikant Mads Clausens Fond, Københavns Kommune, Aarhus Kommune,
Sønderborg Kommune, NORLYS Vækstpulje, Hotel Royal i Aarhus, Scandic Hotel Group, Musikkens Hus

read more: 2030now.com

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